whitey on the moon (hotelsamurai) wrote,
whitey on the moon

For a while I've been talking about taking the better contents of my lj here and knocking them together into a zine, but haven't gotten around to it. Now, with all the Russian DDoS business, I am acutely aware of the vulnerability of this platform. If I'm going to back up my content, now would be the time. Some of these stories do not exist in any other form anywhere, and I'd rather not lose them if I can help it. Does anyone know anything about backing up lj? I just want to save all my content as raw text, somewhere that it will be safe from ex-GRU "security consultants". I know, I know, STFW, but my relationship with technology has always been strained, frustrating, and broken. Think of me as your clueless grandma. I usually need more hand-holding in my dance with digital technology than is available. It is either (a) get help downloading/ backing up this journal or (b) let these stories get maybe deleted forever.

Can anyone help?

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